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The Difference Between Low, Mid, and Top Shelf CBD Flower

As a general rule when you enter an online store or physical store under the flower section it will fall under these 3 categories low, mid, and top-shelf cbd buds. These classifications are designed to reflect quality, and they’re priced accordingly. 

The biggest thing when looking for top-shelf flower strains is a distinct sense of smell how sticky the buds are when you break them up to roll a joint or place them in a pipe to smoke.

Top Shelf buds are potent in CBD content and are very flavorful when smoked. Top shelf strains are grown with the utmost care resulting in dense buds that have been carefully trimmed and cured properly ensure the best taste and terpene balance.

Besides the smell, the visuals do matter when you’re looking for top-shelf bud. Bright, robust coloration in a given stain generally signals a high-quality product. Top-shelf flower tends to be some combination of green, orange, purple color buds. Hemp that is grown outdoors, which makes it prone to tanning you should still want to see some flairs of green and overall brightness. 




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