CBD Moon Rocks

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Our CBD moonrocks are a perfect mixture of hemp flower, hemp kief, and THC-free CBD concentrate all blended together for an amazing experience. You’ll find incredibly high concentrations of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terrific-smelling terpenes in our CBD moon rocks.

We carefully select only the highest quality hemp buds and then we coat the flower with THC free concentrate to create the sticky binding to roll in our kief shake to create the most potent moonrocks.

  • 66% Total CBD
  • Made Using Top Shelf Oregon Grown CBD Hemp Flower
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance
  • 50 State Legal
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant - Less Than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Customer Reviews

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Freddie J.
Very Good.

Moon Rocks were good. I have purchased and smoked strains of organic CBD Nugs hemp such as lifted,fruity pebbles, hawaiian Haze, pineapple express, wedding cake, purple punch, and the hemp dipped kief nugs. I honestly couldn't feel much of a difference between high CBD moon rocks and the other strains BUT that doesn't mean the moon rocks weren't awesome because they were. It's just everything ive smoked from Organic CBD Nugs is good too and I couldn't feel a big enough difference to say Moon Rocks were the best.

Kinda sticky

Sticky like resin, so it doesn't crumble well to mix with other products.

Nice smoke

Sticky, fruity smoke. Good for taking a quick rip from a bong

Al L.

I only use a small amount love it

J. D.H.
A little chunk of relaxation

Well I'm glad I made the investment in these , it doesn't take much. pretty heavy flavor, nice.