Jack Frost CBG Flower

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Jack Frost was one of the first successful high-CBG strains to be bred by hemp growers. High-CBG hemp flowers have only recently become available on the market because the CBG molecule quickly transforms into CBC, CBD, and THC without careful cultivation. Jack Frost CBG combines genetics from three legendary strains: White Widow, Jack Herer, and Northern Lights #5. 

Jack Frost lives up to its name with leafy green buds covered with a blizzard of silvery trichomes. The hemp flowers impart a refreshing lemon and pine scent reminiscent of a hot cup of herbal tea on a mid-winter morning. 

Jack Frost packs a whopping 15% cannabigerol (CBG) into its frosty buds. Scientists often refer to CBG as the Mother Cannabinoid as CBG serves as a parent molecule to several other cannabinoids.

  • 15% Total CBG
  • Top Shelf Oregon Grown CBG Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance
  • 50 State Legal
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant - Less Than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

      Customer Reviews

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      Julian S.
      Spice and easy

      Well cured buds. Spicy nose and flavor. Noticeable calm.

      Max F.

      Jack Frost is a rather mild, mellow strain that's more comparable a hemp flower not to far remove from a field strain. It offers the relaxation component you might just need to decompress after a busy day

      Aaron M.

      Alright, so I recently got out of the military as a maintenance tech and suffer from back, knee and hip pain to say the least. I've used CBD for the past year and it kinda helps. BUT, CBG is completely new to me. After 3 weeks of using it I can say with confidence that it helps ALOT with body pain. Walking up and down stairs no long bother me and I can bend over without my back tensing up. Package arrived in a timely manner and was packed in a very nice air tight container. If you suffer from pain I highly recommend this product.

      Great quality

      I'll start with the bad and why I took a star off. When I ordered a 1/4lb I chose 2 day delivery because I was going out of town and they sent it ground. I asked to be credited for my shipping cost and they gave me $5 off on a promo code which sucks because you can always get a good promo on here and I buy in bulk so it was a complete waste of my money. Now for the product, the product exceeded my expectations and is definitely an A+ product, it is cured perfect and the effects are amazing. I suffer from back and knee pain and this just let's me relax at night. I will buy this product again as I'm very pleased with it.

      CBG Jack Frost. Wow !

      These CBG nugs from the Jack Frost are extremely nice. Very high quality and picked at peak CBG production, very nice indeed.
      I was extremely skeptical of even trying this as a member of the Cannabis Industry in California for over 20 years, I had extreme access to a huge variety of genetics.
      But recently I relocated all the way to the Kentucky and Tennessee border. Wow cannabis culture shock! Definitely do not have the access I used to have, but still have deep nerve pain, back pain and severe arthritis. So I decided to try some of the cbd and cbg locally available that in truth kind of sucked. So I decided to do a bit of research and found ORGANIC CBD NUGS and decided to try their CBG , I also ordered some delta 8 nugs to try(delta 8 hasn't arrived yet) so this is my review on what I received so far. The JACK FROST CBG Organic Nugs.. truth be told I am actually impressed and mybhat goes off to the grower and breeder of this quality product. First I decided to look and smell the quality, before gently breaking some up to roll one up and wow has a very nice aroma, very pleasant and clean, uplifting even. Breaks up nicely, not too dry or overly moist either , cured just right, which is another hat tipping point. You can tell care was given in the growth and care of the product. Next I lit it up and took a slow long drag and very very smooth and mellow to the throat and lungs, meaning it was cured very well. As you hold it in you get the taste and flavor of this fine CBG Jack Frost nuggage, nice indeed. As you let out the smoke you get a few other flavors rolling off your tongue and none of them non pleasant. The effect is kind of uplifting, kind of like a sativa.
      The best effect I like though is on deep down nerve pain, WOW does it effect it. Actually helps me sleep as well cause the pain is gone. Takes it away better than most other things I've tried . As said before I have been a part of the cannabis industry for over 20 years and this CBG has surprised me tremendously! I will try a few more batches for sure from this company. Thanks for taking the time and energy to produce , beautiful and well cared for product. I personally love cannabis and the entire industry and the culture surrounding it. I highly recommend trying this CBG Jack Frost flower of you have deep down pain. Sometimes people have the find the right variety or mix of varieties for themselves. Everything effects every individual differently for sure. So I hope everyone out there finds what works best for them. Peace, Love and Overgrow alway