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Afghan Skunk – CBD Hemp Flower

$29.95$649.95 or from $23.96$519.96 / month

  • Indica – Relaxing
  • 21.7% CBD (CBD + CBDA)
  • Top Shelf CBD Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant – Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC


Hemp fans who want strains with a lot of “funk” have to check out our CBD Afghan Skunk. This decades-old hybrid has all the dank, musky, and skunky aromas people associate with high-end (and high-inducing) cannabis. However, unlike marijuana, our Afghan Skunk hybrid is lab-screened to contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

While CBD Afghan Skunk won’t get you “stoned,” it should help induce deep relaxation. Indeed, this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, which means it produces a predominately body-heavy experience. Shortly after smoking these stinky nugs, you should feel a warm sense of internal peace. As Afghan Skunk’s effects wear on, it’s also possible you may start dozing off.

CBD Afghan Skunk may reek like classic marijuana, but it doesn’t have a high THC count. Still, it’s best to reserve these smelly hemp nugs for at-home use. Not only are these buds slightly sedating, they may attract unwanted attention from nosy bystanders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Mark D.

Afghan Skunk - CBD Hemp Flower

Jason B.

Has great taste and smell!

Skunky and yummy

This flower looks, smells and tastes great. I will be getting more.

James H.
25 + yrs canabis smoker

Nice burn, aroma and healthy affect I love to smoke all I want with no negative affect

Emanuele L.

Afghan Skunk - CBD Hemp Flower