Bubba Kush – CBD Hemp Flower


  • Indica – Relaxing
  • 20% CBD (CBD + CBDA)
  • Top Shelf CBD Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant – Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC


Indica-dominant Bubba Kush CBD has been nicknamed the “Indica Queen” for its profound relaxing effects. Like all Kush varieties, Bubba Kush CBD has a high myrcene content, making it an extremely popular choice among flower strains.

Bubba Kush’s compact hemp flowers feature pleasant light-green hues with golden-orange pistils poking out from a generous layer of powdery trichomes. Consumers have compared Bubba Kush’s flavor to sweet mint, coffee, or chocolate.

The strain’s complex fragrance resembles OG hybrids with an earthy, herbal base punctuated by a strong skunk aroma. The rare terpene, alpha-bisabolol, adds a floral camomile perfume, enhancing Bubba Kush’s calming qualities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews

i absolutely love this one.. so relaxing and very calming. will be getting this one again

Cory H.
Excellent customer service

I have been a customer for over a year, and I have to say that the customer support team is second to none. Great products and great people.

Oscar V.
Bubba Kush - CBD Hemp Flower

Great taste and smell. Came a little to dry for my liking and the effect felt mild compare to the Purple Punch strain. Will buy it again but I recommend adding a humidpack to your jar and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours to give it some moister back.

Also, I consumed the flower using a medium grind and vaporized with a flowerpot vaporizer at 580f with a water piece and a solo vaporizer at 390 and bumped up to 420 to finish off the bowl. Hope this helps with anyone trying to use it with a vaporizer.


Great customer service, shipping, and quality buds. I’ve used medical marijuana for a couple of years, and I prefer this strain of Bubba more than the thc.

Angie L.

It's perfect! Buds are great!