CBD Chocolate Bar (200mg CBD)

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Just when you thought dark chocolate couldn’t get sweeter, we added CBD to the mix! With just a dash of organic cane sugar, our CBD dark chocolate bars are the tastiest way to get your CBD fix. 

Satisfy Your “CBD Sweet Tooth” With Our Decadent Dark Chocolate Bar

If you’re into health & wellness, you’ve probably heard a lot about CBD in recent years. Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their uncle is raving about this cannabinoid’s ability to heal, well, just about everything! Whether it's arthritis pain or anxiety, you’re sure to find anecdotal stories about CBD’s benefits.

Although there’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD’s effects, it’s clear many people can’t get enough of this soothing compound. To meet the increased demand for CBD, companies are now infusing this cannabinoid into all kinds of weird and wonderful items. From pasta and pet treats to gummy bears and beer, CBD is crushing it in the edibles market. 

One edible that pairs quite nicely with CBD is organic dark chocolate. Just like CBD, dark chocolate has become a darling of the global health & wellness industry. Not only is dark chocolate a delicious treat, but it also appears to be incredibly healthy. 

Study after study confirms dark chocolate has high traces of disease-busting antioxidants. Some doctors go so far as to claim dark chocolate could have cardiovascular and neuroprotective effects. Sweet deal, right?

Considering the massive popularity of CBD and dark chocolate, we thought it’d be crazy not to combine them into one super nutritious (and super delicious) snack. Hence, our organic CBD chocolate bar was born. Trust us, this is one guilty pleasure you don’t need to feel guilty about!

Why Choose Our CBD Dark Chocolate?

At Organic CBD Nugs, we never cut corners on our products—and that includes our CBD Dark Chocolate Bars. We always source our ultra-pure CBD from the best Oregon-grown organic hemp. Our employees also take the time to purify these trichome-rich hemp buds using safe extraction techniques. In total, each of our chocolate bars contains a generous 200 mg of CBD.

As for the “sweet stuff,” Organic CBD Nugs only uses premier quality raw cacao nibs and a touch of organic cane sugar. We also verify that each of our chocolate bars has 70 percent dark chocolate content. This percentage allows you to take full advantage of cacao’s healing effects without the bar tasting too bitter.

For your safety, we always send our CBD dark chocolate bars for third party lab screenings. Organic CBD Nugs never ships out products to customers until we triple-check THC levels are well below 0.3 percent.

As a bonus, we’ve designed our CBD chocolate bars with a fun Polynesian flair. Although nothing can compare with a trip to Hawaii, we bet you’ll feel some of that relaxation after eating a few squares of our chocolate bar!

What Ingredients Are In Organic CBD Nugs’ Dark Chocolate Bar?

At Organic CBD Nugs, we strive to only add essential, organic ingredients to our products. In our CBD Dark Chocolate Bars, you won’t find any unpronounceable chemicals, GMO ingredients, or hidden sugars. Besides raw cacao and hemp-derived CBD, we only include cocoa powder and a hint of cane sugar in these bars. We also send our chocolate bars for third party lab testing to verify their purity.

Our Commitment To Sustainability 

Family is a central value for Organic CBD Nugs. That’s why we build direct, long-term relationships with the family farmers who produce our ingredients. Our premium cacao comes from sources that adhere to sustainable farming practices, and we extract our full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp grown at our Oregon farm.

All Vegan and Non-GMO Ingredients

Organic CBD Nugs CBD Chocolate Bar contains no animal products or genetically modified ingredients. We start with the highest quality, sustainably-sourced cacao, and then add just a pinch of organic cane sugar. Next, we mix in our full-spectrum CBD extract with 100% pure cocoa butter. The result is a rich and creamy treat that will have you coming back for more.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat any medical condition. Keep Organic CBD Nugs CBD Chocolate Bars out of the reach of children and pets. Pregnant or nursing women should not consume CBD products. CBD may interact with certain pharmaceuticals. Consult your physician if you take prescription medications. 

Allergy warning: Our chocolate bar was made in a facility that processes nuts and milk products.

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The chocolate tastes really great. I like the fact that it makes me feel really relaxed 😎


CBD Chocolate Bar (200mg CBD)


CBD Chocolate Bar (200mg CBD)

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Cbd chocolate bar

Very good. Dose of 1/2 bar is accurate