Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Resin Oil - 1200MG

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Resin Oil - 1200MG

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Our popular Full-Spectrum Hemp Resin Oil is made with a proprietary blend of three unique hemp strains, these Hemp Resin Drops contain a fantastic array of pure & potent compounds. Users will also enjoy dozens of secondary cannabinoids and sweet-smelling terpenes in our Full Spectrum Hemp Resin Oil.

Our expert farmers take great pride in cultivating trichome-rich hemp strains using sustainable and organic growing techniques.

      Cannabinoids per 30 ml bottle:

      • HEMP RESIN: 1200 mg
      • CBD: 650 mg
      • THC: 20.33 mg
      • CBG: 20.33 mg
      • CBC: 104.12 mg
      • CBN: 7.46 mg
      • CBDV: 14.07 mg
      • BCP: 36 mg

      We’ve blended this tincture to offer approximately one (1) mg of CBD per drop for controlled dosing. Hemp Resin Oil can be given sublingually, used topically or added to food and beverages.

      Ingredients: Organically grown hemp flower concentrate, organic *medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. *derived from coconut. 

      Sublingual application: Place desired number of drops under the tongue, wait for 1 minute before swallowing. Sublingual absorption is highly effective due to the permeability of the gland below the tongue.

      100% Federally legal hemp product: Contains less than 0.3% THC. Some states do not abide by the federal standard and impose their own laws regarding THC content. Please understand your state's laws before purchasing. All sales are completed in accordance with farm bill 7606. We do not ship outside the USA.

      Customer Reviews

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      Love this

      I’m using a quarter of a dropper every day multiple times a day. It’s been helping my mood as well as reduced my need for a constant rotation of Tylenol and Advil. Another use I’ve found is for my migraines. When I’m getting an annoying head feeling I put four drops onto my finger and rub it all over my forehead and brows. It’s shocking how much this helps! I’m very grateful for this product and purchased a backup

      JAMES M.
      i like it

      i been using this for my arthritis, works well .

      Brendan H.
      Great stuff!

      Clean, relaxing, tastes good!

      My favorite CBD Oil

      Amazing stuff, tastes really good, effects for me are super calming effect, pain relief, good nights sleep, and more. My dosage has never been a couple of drops, to get any effect it's a full dropper and sometimes several full droppers over a 30-60 min period. I know it takes a lot of effort/process to create this wonderful stuff (the best CBD oil I've tried out of several brands) but I really wish it didn't cost so much. I'd buy a lot more if it were in the $50 range for example. At the current price I can barely afford 1 bottle along with other items I usually get. Still the product is 5 stars for me!

      Chris A.

      It works great for inflammation but you will fail a drug test.