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Jack Frost – CBG Flower

$29.95$649.95 or from $23.96$519.96 / month

  • Sativa – Uplifting
  • 13.5% CBG (CBG + CBGA)
  • Top Shelf CBG Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant – Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC


Jack Frost was one of the first successful high-CBG strains to be bred by hemp growers. High-CBG hemp flowers have only recently become available on the market because the CBG molecule quickly transforms into CBC, CBD, and THC without careful cultivation. Jack Frost CBG combines genetics from three legendary strains: White Widow, Jack Herer, and Northern Lights #5.

Jack Frost lives up to its name with leafy green buds covered with a blizzard of silvery trichomes. The hemp flowers impart a refreshing lemon and pine scent reminiscent of a hot cup of herbal tea on a mid-winter morning.

Jack Frost packs a whopping 13.5% cannabigerol (CBG) into its frosty buds. Scientists often refer to CBG as the Mother Cannabinoid as CBG serves as a parent molecule to several other cannabinoids.

Customer Reviews

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J D.
5 stars

Would highly recommend perfect for relaxing


I believe that if someone suffers from high anxiety or stress this strain might be of value to them. I definitely feel more mellowed after a small bowl. But I actually don't suffer from anxiety and was really looking for a strain that would help with some relatively mild inflammation and pain and so far, I don't notice any improvement with those issues. But I haven't found any CBD that has helped either so it could be my body chemistry or that the types of physical discomfort I experience aren't conducive to CBD treatment regardless of the strain. I have to say that after a couple of days of smoking one small bowl per day (trying to determine if there is a cumulative effect), I feel a bit mentally foggy (slightly) and mild headache. I suspect that the later is caused by the act of smoking rather than an effect of the CBG. So, probably good for relieving anxiety but the jury is out regarding inflammation and pain.

justin t.
My wife lives by it

She loves how it helps with inflammation.

Jack Frost CBG

So happy I found this company. I have many digestive issues and also deal with mood issues. CBG is the only strain that works well with my body and relieves my symptoms. The store I usually shop from has been out of stock. I was in a bit of a panic to say the least lol. But everything happens for a reason: this site always has sales which is GREAT, the product ships very fast and is packaged well, the quality of the flower is amazing, and it does not lose potency over time. Thanks for what you guys do. You gained a loyal customer :)

J D.
Great stuff

Cannot beat these buds