Jack Herer CBD Vape Cartridge

Jack Herer CBD Vape Cartridge

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Are you looking to put a little spring in your step? Our Jack Herer CBD Vape Cartridge packs in all the cannabidiol and terpenes you’ll need to get motivated for the day.

Originally bred by the experts at Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer CBD is a sativa-dominant cross between Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and an unknown CBD Haze cultivar. Breeders named the strain after the legendary hemp activist and author of the iconic tome The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The Jack Herer hybrid is famous for its high terpinolene levels, which give the strain its unmistakable herbal and pine fragrance. 

Jack Herer features a unique combination of rare terpenes, such as ocimene, nerolidol, and farnesene. Our Jack Herer CBD Vape Cartridge is ideal for herb lovers who don’t want an overly sweet-tasting vape. Instead, Jack Herer refreshes the palette with flavors and aromas ranging from musky sandalwood notes to spicy black pepper.

Compatible with any 510 threaded battery. 

  • Type: Cartridge
  • Size: 1000mg

Customer Reviews

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Màhler P.
It’s nice…

Nice, but the oil got dark pretty quickly and tastes bitter. I did like it when fresh, though. Definitely like this more than the lemon haze.

Tracy S.

I am reordering so ... :)

Nikolas R.S.

Best one so far!!!

Great product

Great. Just as good as evertlything I have tried.

Viola S.

Jack Herer CBD Vape Cartridge