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CBD Kief

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Do you know that shimmering sheen of trichomes that cover properly cured hemp buds? Well, the very top of those sticky strands is known as “kief.” Inside these pungent particles, you’ll find incredibly high concentrations of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terrific-smelling terpenes. For countless years, cannabis enthusiasts separated these resinous bulbs from the rest of the plant to enjoy a pure & potent smoking experience.

To make our premium CBD kief here at Organic CBD Nugs, we carefully break off trichomes from all of our professionally cured hemp strains. The result of all this hard work is a complex blend of healing cannabinoids and terpenes in a fine powder form. With a CBD concentration near 18 percent, our CBD kief is sure to add a blast of calm to your hemp flowers or edibles.

The most popular way to use our CBD kief is to sprinkle it on top of premium hemp flowers before smoking a joint. Trust us, just a bit of this concentrated powder will add serious potency to your smoke session. Alternatively, you could infuse edibles, press hash and rosin, or make moon rocks with our top-shelf CBD kief.

    Customer Reviews

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    Not bad

    I really don’t kn what to say on this one other them it’s big, I bought 2 and they gonna last me a year lol

    Lisa S.

    Love the taste and like to mix it with the Skywalker Delta-8. Makes me feel relaxed and relieves pain. Love CBD Nugs products. Always fresh

    Mike K.

    I sprinkle just a small amount on top of my bowl and gives it just a little more kick and gets me to bed even quicker

    Mello Hash

    Nice Kief, no high of course as with all products are legal substances, definitely sprinkle on fresh bud to reduce harshness and give it that hash-like taste!

    Robert V.

    Better than expected