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Skywalker OG – Delta-8 THC Flower

$49.95$249.95 or from $39.96$199.96 / month

  • 29.56% Delta-8 THC
  • Top Shelf Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant – Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC


Breeders produced Skywalker OG by crossing three diverse strains: Blueberry, Mazar, and OG Kush. The resulting hybrid has a one-of-a-kind terpene profile featuring plenty of myrcene, limonene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. Skywalker OG’s olive-green buds stand out with curly, rust-orange pistils and a finely distributed layer of trichomes.

From the first toke, you’ll notice Skywalker OG’s unique spicy taste with strong hints of black pepper and hops. The earthy, berry flavors come out on the second pass, finishing with a light touch of refreshing pine. Just the right amount of diesel accents Skwalker OG’s otherwise sweet citrus aroma. The overall experience delights the senses with simultaneously classic and out-of-this-world flavor.

Skywalker OG has an 85:15 indica-to-sativa ratio. The original Skywalker OG can sometimes be overwhelming with its ultrahigh THC levels. Fortunately, our delta-8 version produces distinctly milder effects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Joshua P.

10 out of 10 would smoke again

Jason J.
One of the best

One of the best chains I’ve had so far great smell great smoke Great body buzz 10/10.

Tori M.

Skywalker OG - Delta-8 THC Flower

Cheryl P.
Just right

This is a great mid ground product. Relaxing, but not a total knock out. Helps my aches and pains.

Joseph E.
The tastiest anti-inflammatory in town

I have been dealing with inflammatory issues since contracting covid nearly 2 years ago. More specifically, I believe covid triggered a case of MCAS with subsequent histamine intolerance. As a result I've suffered with angio-edema of the lips - which is painful, annoying, and depressing... especially as I had tried so many herbs, medicines, and therapies to treat it, and very little worked.

One herb that has helped has been cannabis. I have used a mix of OG Kush CBD, White CBG and Skywalker OG delta-8 for the past month, and I can say that I have seen marked improvements - not only in terms of the persistent angio-edema being assuaged in size and severity, but also in terms of psychological attitude towards my malady in general.

The taste and smell of the buds was high quality, imo. Not unlike what one would expect to see in California or Amsterdam. I combine all three of the above mentioned buds to obtain that "entourage effect" and I have zero complaints. Shipping was fast, the buds were pleasing to all of the senses, and the medicinal effect was pronounced. I'm very satisfied and will be ordering more soon.