Battery & Charger For 900mg CBD, HHC, Delta-8 and Delta-10 Vape Cartridge


  • Adjustable voltage
  • 350-400 mAH battery
  • Quick heat up
  • Red Dial: Use to select your preferred voltage
  • LED Button: Blue with every hit and Red when battery is low
  • Color: Black


Versatile, adjustable, and compact: with the G2 Adjustable Voltage Battery, you’ve got the power and control that makes it easy to vape on the go. This battery is clearly marked with a 2 – 4 volt adjustment to further hone your vaping experience to your specific taste. It is also equipped with a USB charger.

Instructions: Press 5 times to turn on/off, press and hold while hitting, adjust the temperature knob at the bottom to increase/decrease the voltage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 315 reviews
Juliet S.
Great replacement

I had to replace my old ooze pen and I like this one more then the ooze!! 🫣😂

Alex C.
Vape charger/battery

It's my 3rd year using OCBD products (I even still have one of the first jars for when concentrates were still on up on the board), mainly CBD flower. I ordered the vape pen and charged it for about 2 days and no dice. I know these are not anything fancy but no reason to ding OCBD. Things happen. You guys are still awesome and your CBD flower continues to help me with sleep, anxiety, depression, PTSD and the cessation of smoking cigarettes. Rock on team!

Karin H.

The pen did not charge up when it needed to be very disappointed in that

Sadia A.
Amazing for anxiety

This worked perfectly. It’s great for anxiety. I haven’t had any issues!

Dante S.

Battery & Charger For 900mg CBD, HHC, Delta-8 and Delta-10 Vape Cartridge