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Super chill

Really enjoyed the flavor and effect of this one. Super mellow and relaxing.

You'll love this

Ligit amazing for a productive, yet chill day. Helps with my stress and tastes amazing


Incredible flavor and I’ve never been so happy to clean my house!

Great product

Great products! Really happy with everything!

Great aroma and taste.

Wonderful sampling of strains of CBD. Good pain relief without losing mental ability.

Moon rocks

These are great. Just a little pinch is enough to relieve my stress.

great variety!

I ordered this to be able to sample each strain and choose a favorite to buy a bulk amount. I loved every single one of these! The order shipped to me much faster than I'd expected and each joint was rolled perfectly. I'm so happy I found out about this website. I have yet to be disappointed! I have nothing but good things to say about this place!

Fruity pebbles is like BamBam

Enjoyed the flavor.Was a change from lifter,but I can only buy one.Almost the same .I was expecting a purple flower like picture.Its still real good.

Girl Scout

8 doesn't have the taste of 9 - however much more longevity. I'm sold on the 8 experience!

It's a "lifter"!

Excellent CBD nugs!! Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) 🤕 ouch


This is the best

Great strain!

Delicious fruity, musky aroma.

Ohhh please...

If you judge this by the title you’ll be surprised because that was some amazing cbd flower! I loved it!!!

Wedding cake

Smells and tastes like frosting, so good and work very well

Love it

My favorite of all. It leaves me feeling exactly like I want.

best one so far

the best without giving me anxiety tastes good too

Really great stuff.

I found these to be very high quality, some helped a lot with sleep, others with pain, and some helped me feel a nice calm focus.

Beautiful Product

Arrived ahead of schedule and did not dissapoint!!!

Take the ride

Delicious and mellow


Perfect blend of indica and sativa that creates a pleasurable experience every time smoking

Perfect way to stay awake and relaxed

Being not as drowsy as other hybrid and indicas, this is a good smoke in the morning to start the day off

Very Satisfied

Fresh and tasty. Prompt delivery.


In my opinion Gelato closely resembles Sour Diesel, the sweet description misled me into thinking it would be a candy like flavor, however I am pleasantly delighted to say that its a much more complex flavor than just candy and actually reminds me a sour strain. Perhaps its the fruit?

Great stuff

Very nice flower and great benefits!


This is awesome! Need I say more? I recently discovered Δ8.... Mind it that the full Monte is best, this is totally legal and does the same! Only challenged by its cousin Δ10. I suffer from bipolar and have recently had amputation due to diabetes and frostbite... Thc as a medicine has been a must! If only it was covered by insurance 😂