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Was so excited to be able to find these. Bought 3 of them as gifts. Cannot wait to try one.

Great quality!

I really liked this one! I was poking around and ordered a lot of different delta 8 carts from other suppliers and this company was my favorite. They also come in really cool packaging if you like to collect boxes for things. 10/10

Organic CBD sampler

I found my purchase very beneficial. You will feel the effects of the CBC within minutes after consumption. I noticed the CBD Nugs greatly improved my anxiety. Additionally, I saw an overall improvement in my mood and sleep pattern. I can’t wait to place my next order.


It was relaxing nice way to calm down after a long day.

This Company Rocks!!

Fast, Friendly, Quality, Reliable....100% Satisfied...!!


Amazing paint relief and relax aid

I like it

When I first tried the Granddaddy purple I was like I have got to buy this again, unlike other vape pens I did not choke on long puffs, will definetly buy again.

The Best I Ever Had

I've been smoking CBD for a while now from a local store and I'm not disappointed at all. I decided to order online one day just to see if there would be a difference and to my surprise there is a HUGE difference! The CBD that I purchased from Organic CBD Nugs was so pretty! The nuggets were nice and big. It was green like the quality weed that you see in the magazines. The packaging was amazing. I will definitely be purchasing again and again and again!


10/10 would recommend.

Great while it worked

This battery broke after about a month but I loved it up until it stopped working.

Fruity pebbles pre-roll

Product is always fresh and the taste is amazing 5 stars from me.

Love it grand purple is the best

Beyond Expectations

I thought the price was too good to be true, but I've dragged it everywhere with me for over a week now and it hasn't died on me once. Love it

Great buy

Fantastic starter set. I would recommend adding the other strains for trial to your cart as well. That way you will know which one is your favorite!

Good quality

Very happy with my recent purchase. Very good quality and will for sure be buying more!

Good Stuff

I'm very impressed by it. Gave me all the effects that I needed without the high feeling as I work in a professional environment.

I’m second go to strain I love it


Light and alert, the perfect daytime strain!

fast the wife loves it

great price and great product very good taste

Pineapple express

This is one of my go to, great high and super taste, just bought 3 more.

CBD Hemp Flower Sampler Pack #2 - New Favorites

Arrived quickly. Enjoyed the variety of this sampler pack. The Sour Diesel and Jack Frost might be my favorite but they were all nice. The buds were nice sized and smelled great! Really helps with my pain and anxiety. Will definitely keep ordering.

Wow! Just … wow!

Amazing flavor without any of the paranoia or negative effects. Would definitely buy again!

Insanely Amazing

As an avid toker and delta-9 oil + flower enthusiast, I can say I have finally found an amazing property of thc never known before. No anxiety shocks or cloudy thoughts and racing ideas. Cool, calm, collecting, and better than ever.


If you’re hesitant on buying a delta 8 Cartridge don’t be because this thing will get you stoned asf