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Smells awesome

The smell coming from the jar is crazy good. The calming effect feels natural. Helps me sleep great.


It is really taste full great for night time
I highly recommend


Magical lil item for a booster

Best cbd you can buy!

Best buds I’ve tried for cbd I’m never shopping anywhere else !!!

Creativity Enhancer

Intense at first use, but not overwhelming. Gives energy at first and enhances creativity. Great for writers, artists, etc. Mild sedative effect as it comes down. Highly recommend.

Really nice for when you need it


This is so perfect for me!

The taste of the granddaddy is great. It does have a berry flavor just the description says. I feel no effect from the cbd I dont get a body high or relieve any back pain that I had. This may vary from person to person so I give this a two stars.

Pen works great

Pen works great

It’s make u go night night

It’s good for stress and helping falling asleep

Great products

Love the quality of the cbd and the prices! I would definitely order more soon

Great for pain relief

White Widow works great for my neuromuscular pain issues, anybody with pain issues really ought to try the Widow for relief!


It's good!!!


I really enjoyed the introspective spacey and relaxed feelings from this strain. Awesome for listening to tunes, swimming, or biking around.

Tastes more like cookies then I expected. Very smooth 👌🏻

amazing products!!

i enjoy the pre rolls and flower so much! highly recommend trying them out!

Very Smooth

Fruity Pebbles CBD is very smooth and smells wonderful even when smoked. I haven't found a better CBD. It came very quickly and in a jar.

I love every single one of the strains! All make me so calm and relaxed.


I love these strains, I’ve been able to sleep through the night while I used to wake up 3-4x per night. They’ve also helped with my anxiety! Blue dream is my favorite so far.

Awesome bud!

This was my first time trying the D8 bud and it was a great experience honestly. I got purple punch and the effects were very chill, relaxing and I slept amazing. I have since bought some carts from this company and those are excellent quality as well! I have already recommended them to some of my friends!


This was only the second THC #8 I’ve tried, the other being BD. Overall the flower looks good, not sure about the strain lineage though…
Would buy again!

Blue Dream

Pretty good flavor

CBD Kief Nugs
Nairen M.
CBD Kief Nugs

First time smoking it mix it with the hemp flower and the potency is good and relaxing make my body feel at ease definitely will be buying more

Love it

This is my favorite night time strain. Definitely relaxes me and helps relieve tension. Great flavor profile as well!


Tastes great and gives me not so strong of buzz that I don’t want to do anything, but just strong enough to where I can get a little one and want to get stuff done