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Nice wraps but I expected more of a calming effect.


These are quality nugs, tight, dense, and full of terpenes!

Great Product

Delivers every time

Excellent all around

Exactly what I expected. Very satisfied. Overall, a great shopping experience.

Honest opinion

Happy customer.

First Time Believer

My first time ever trying CBD this is the best path to get it gives you a chance to try each brand and see which one you really like the most

Tincture works well.

I take the delta 8 drops and they change my whole attitude. My wife says Thanks!

Yeaaaa boiiiiii

This was super nice. Nice and mellow. Great flavor. Would purchase again and again.

Game Changer

Wow! Impressed by nug quality. Helping calm and suppress pain!
Watermelon gummies added bonus.

The best hemp flower is crazy good

The flavors of this strain are divine. Sniffing the aroma from the jar is already impressive. The look, taste and effects take it over the top. We alternate different strains so we don't get over-used to any one kind, and we keep coming back to Pineapple Express with no loss of enthusiasm. It's so good it sounds ridiculous, but it really is that good! I'll never forget feeling the effects for the first time. We've been locked in as customers ever since.

My favorite flavor so far and works very well!


Nice flavor and excellent price


Love the product.

Very good experience

The flower is very nice. I’m new to CBD flower. I want to make my own CBD/THC mixture for best effect. Fast delivery. Discreet packaging. I’ll be buying again.

Loving this!

I tore my ACL and have had a sleep of problems that come from that ( pain and inflammation) . These have helped with the pain problems ( along with PT and ice obvs)

I'm also an anxious person, and this has also helped with that. I'm definitely going to be purchasing again.

It's very good i will be ordering more.

Does the job

I don't stress all day when I take them

Love this tincture!

I take this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and the peppermint oil provides a nice sensation in my tummy. 30 minutes later I'm feeling more relaxed and ready to start my day. I will definitely be repurchasing.

Great taste, great effect!

The best

I bought these at the suggestion of a friend and they really work! I've tried many others without relief, so I was hesitant about trying these. I'm so glad I did!! Will never need to try any others again!!

Consistently one of my favorite carts

I’ve been using these carts as a replacement for cannabis for the past year and they do the trick. Blue Dream is consistently one of my favorites and gives a very pleasant body high. Your mind will be relaxed, but still sharp. This is a great strain for working from home.

Top shelf

Excellent aroma and buzz highly recommmended

Good weed

Put this stuff under a microscope to check for mold and to see if it’s really organic, and to my surprise, everything checked out perfect… I’m really happy.. definitely be buying this more.

Thank You

Thank you for these sales 🙏 as this provides and makes possible very appreciated relief during lean times.

As organic extracts, these provide a very high degree of therapeutic relief and your generosity is appreciated.

The quality of this and the other variety that I ordered are very high, and so is the degree of impact of effect; which, while subtle, is very positive.

Having your favorite on hand for those all-hands-on-deck moments life throws our way is essentially an absolutely indespensible necessity to be able to navigate daily life.

Very quality medicine

These are beyond satisfactory.

In fact, these are exceptional.

There is nothing quite like finally finding satisfaction after almost giving up on the market entirely.

After being sincerely disappointed with the efficacy of cartridges I was buying at 'licensed dispensaries', I was noticing that these had the rest of the spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that are absent for half the market.

These are also actually flavorful throughout a range of temperatures depending on your personal preferences and because they're natural, they're quite balanced palate wise.

I hope to see the exceptional strains that are available as disposables as cartridges as well, but nonetheless, extremely happy to find clean, organic medicine.

Thank you, 🙏 delightfully encompassing experience.