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Relaxing and potent

Great for relaxing and falling asleep.

This works!

This has an excellent flavor and gives me a great buzz!

Excellent taste

And a really relaxing smoke.

Absolutely awesome

Love the product there on top of everything really good business

Love wedding cake

This strain is so delicious and so relaxing!! It's the first one I tried but I can't wait to try more!!!

Quick shipping & great quality

Made hand salve & drops. Both turned out exceptional and effective. Ordered more for my therapist friend to make massage oil

It's not as potent as I'd hoped.

Great smoke

Great bud!!!!

Sweet taste

I hav really enjoyed my first smoke. The taste is special like the name says. The buds are bigger than I expected. I love it.

Tastes great

Saw a different review because my biggest gripe with some D8 flower is the taste-- this was clearly the best choice B)

Buds are really colorful


These gummies are very good and they feel great. I love to take 1/2 every 4-6 hours. Makes for a beautiful day.


I love this one!!! I purchased it twice already!

Not sure

It’s not bad but I feel like it takes longer to kick in I guess. I like the new carts tho

Good but weird after taste

It's really good and really helps calm the mind, but its after taste is really bad.

Fresh/Well Packaged

Great addition to my menu of choices. Excellent customer service.

Amazing quality for great price!

I ordered two ounces of the small one ounce buds, and the sizes still more than exceeded my expections. Shipping is extremely fast and professional. I immediately turned around and placed an order for more strains.


I got this to try to relax and ease some pain, it definitely helps.

like Mother Nature's cologne

Pretty multicolored buds, strong aroma, heavy floral notes imo, pine, earthy with some skunk or dank in the background. I'm surely missing something because NL's a gourmet strain. It does have a sweet taste as well but unlike other dessert strains that's only one part of its character. Looking at the buds carefully in good light I see blue, purple, orange, white frost, lime green and olive green colors.

Joint pre rolls

Extremely potent great taste

Works well


I'm loving this new addition to the lineup. A feast for the senses from the moment you open the jar.

Black Diamond

This is my all favorite go-to!! I love the flavor and effect!!!

Sleeping Good

This is a great strain for those looking to improve their sleep. I felt calm and relaxed immediately after using this product. Highly recommend!

Love this strain

Good smooth , very relaxing.

Exactly what I was looking for I'll be buying more


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