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i really love this flower.. it has me so relaxed to the point i don’t want to do anything but chill

Really nice, one caveat

The effects are a bit more than expected, but the taste is rough for me. I understand thats an effect of greater amounts of terpines. So it just might be me lol. The effects are nice, very focused but also calm.

LA Confidential - Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge


This shiii smacks

i love the flavor

i love the flavor and when i hit it through out the day it makes me feel great and i enjoy it very much


I ordered gorilla glue and black diamond black diamond i love for relaxing on my time off play video games destress and gorilla glue has helped with my anxiety a nice body relaxation not too overbearing when I'm up and about. Best cbd I've tried.

The best tasting and highest quality CBD carts. I will shop with organic CBD nugs until the end!

Strawberry Cough - Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

5 star

was fantastic tastes great it was a nice and smooth hit and felt relaxed all day!


Keeps me focused for school. Doesn't get me that uneasy feeling like other cbd products. Will be getting another patch , probably my favorite strain

Fire cbd

Never tried cbd before didn’t think it have any effects on me but better then I thought it’d be


Gets the job done as far as pain.


Not my favorite flavor but a quality product. I love your product.

Best gummies for relaxation

Perfect gummie to ease body aches after a long day of work. I only ever need to take half at a time they’re that effective. Love the flavor. Recommend 10/10.

First time “Vapor”

Didn’t know what to expect and still learning how to get the most out of the delivery system but this is the way for me going forward! Looking forward to trying other D9 carts.

Loved, But

Really works well, and super easy to learn! But, I would love it if there were more variety in colors!


This is one of my top 3 favorite thc strains because of the feeling of focus I get from it, as well as an overall positive outlook.

CBD D9 gummies

They taste great and work well for my anxiety and pain relief.

I love these so convenient

Great to have around the house very convenient quit to use enjoyable and they do the trick very grateful thank you

Great quality cbd

These CBD carts are great, full strength and the calmness it provides me is simply amazing.

Great quality!


i absolutely love this one.. so relaxing and very calming. will be getting this one again