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Greatest Lifter of my life

This product is wonderful I do recommend

Yummy motivation

White widow has become a favorite of mine. Yummy berry flavor that really gets me going in the morning. I never experience anxiety with this strain, but it doesn’t make me too sleepy either. One of the carts was leaky and clogged when I first received it but customer service was quick to send me a replacement at no cost. Best quality, price and customer service out there.


Enjoyed the flavor. Will buy again.

Body recovery

I use cbd for body recovery from extensive exercise and heavy lifting. Helps me sleep also

Blue dream

This one helps with tension it doesn’t fire up your mind creatively but it really relaxes muscles in my neck and shoulders

Great vapes

Y’all are at the top of delta8 thc I feel you thanks

My vape cartridge

Love you guys thanks this is awesome.


Great taste, quick acting, for me at least. I like a light body buzz so sometimes even 1/2 is enough to calm me and help me relax.

Rainbow Cookies - Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen


Extremely well balanced

Highly recommend this thc product its grade A+++ and amazingly balanced for well round pain & chill 😎 mods...


Its totally my favorite. Smells amazing and tastes great. And its an absolute killer in a water bong. Just well done all around. Everyone involved gets a that ta boy!

Good stuff

Effective, reasonably priced, what's not to like?

Kiss the sky

A wonderful and amazing vibe. One of the best.

CBD Hemp Flower Sampler Pack #2

Great products and flavor!

The products are great and work well for anxiety, and the flavors are great.

Functioning High

Great for daytime; creativity abound, sociable, happy, feeling great and stress free.

Nighty Night

Puts me out and I sleep like a baby. Highly recommend for people with insomnia or restlessness.

Nice high

Both strains gave a nice high. LA confident and girls scout cookies delta 8 and delta 9


Most convenient, accurate med I've had 👍👍👍👍

Happy Rolling

I’ve bought lots of oz’s from Organic Nugs, I haven’t been disappointed in quality in any of them. I’ve tried several different strains,
Delta 8 the purple punch is my fav. Blue dream is running second. I recommend anyone to use this site. Buy up !!!!!!

Comforting familiarity

Very smooth for smoking and steeps well into a tea after decarbing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing experience.

Incredible smell and taste

This is my favorite strain I had, great smell and smoke

Top quality

Every strain does not disappoint! Big fan of the sampler pack

Best CBD Carts

The Tropicana cookie has such a great taste. I love using it during the day to keep me relaxed but not sleepy